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Emsea Ltd is based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. We service a wide range of clients throughout the United Kingdom and offer a simple, efficient and cost–effective solution for all your sheet metal, precision fabrication, laser-jet and water jet cutting requirements and one of the few UK manufacturers to offer a full turnkey service. We aim to produce top quality products and to deliver your order on time, every time. Operating 24 hours a day at Emsea our brand promise is to be reliable, accurate and flexible.

When you choose Emsea for manufacturing, you’re in safe hands

In safe hands

When you choose Emsea for manufacturing, you’re in safe hands. From your initial enquiry, we take pride in project managing every detail through to final delivery. Our dedicated Account Managers aim to ensure we understand all  your requirements – technical and commercial, so we are able to successfully co-ordinate all processes to your satisfaction. Samples can be provided for verification and approval, ensuring that any drawing or specification shortfalls are eliminated before volume production begins

full turnkey solution for cutting and forming

Turnkey Solutions

We understand that some projects pose more challenges than others, so we offer a full design through to completion service.

Emsea offer a full design through to completion service, truly turnkey

What is Metal Forming?

What is metal Metal Forming? At Emsea, we are well known throughout the UK for the quality of our metal forming services and our industry-leading forming equipment, but what is forming? Metal forming is the process of fashioning metal parts through mechanical...
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What Makes Emsea Different?

What makes Emsea different? Whilst Emsea are not alone offering laser cutting and water jet cutting services, we are renowned for providing a high-quality, precision service. In addition to the two specialist applications, we also provide a full turnkey offering. At...
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Fire & Feast October Event

If only we were as accurate as our metal cutting machines! Following our ‘Fire and Feast’ event last month, it quickly became clear, our machines are far more accurate than us! For us, hitting a 110mm target was near impossible, however, even up to a thickness of...
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Waterjet Cutting or Laser Cutting Service. Which do I need?

A question we get asked regularly is “When should I use a Waterjet cutting service instead of Laser cutting?”, so here we look at the fundamental differences between the processes. Laser Cutting: How it works A laser cutter relies on a gas laser, such as a CO2 laser,...
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No More “No Bikes” For Local Boy

Emsea director, Chris sweet, was honoured to catch up with nine year old Josh Horsley (pictured above), the recipient of a specially designed Trike funded by Emsea and Tewkesbury Rotary Club. Specially designed Trike was out of reach Due to soon have an operation to...
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