Team Passion Fit Excel in Nice!

Ironman 70.3 World Championships

Emsea are proud sponsors of Team Passion Fit – a group of triathletes based in Cheltenham. Last weekend, 7 members of the team (including our very own Alex) took part in the 70.3 World Championship which for many, would be the pinnacle of their racing career to date. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Nice, […]

How can water cut through metal?

water jet cutting

Our waterjet machines use a very high-pressure stream of water sprayed through an extremely narrow jeweled nozzle. When a liquid is flowing fast enough, it can cut through most solid materials – including metal. We use much lower pressure water systems every day – even a home jet-wash system ‘cuts’ the dirt off the body […]

Metal Fabrication Services in Gloucestershire

Metal Fabrication in Gloucestershire

Emsea offers specialist sheet metal fabrication services to a wide range of companies throughout both Gloucestershire and the entire UK Emsea do things differently – from design to delivery, we work to understand your unique requirements and offer unique metal fabrication solutions that will drive your business forward! With recently expanded workspace and a reliable team of […]