The Machining Process

What Is Machining? The process of “machining” refers to a number of machine-focussed manufacturing processes whereby there is a controlled removal of material from a selected item to create a specific size or shape by a trained worker known as a machinist. EMSEA machinists are well-trained, and vastly experienced in operating one or more machines, […]

Water Jet Cutting Applications

water jet cutting

Water jet cutting is the choice of cutting method by a wide range of businesses of all specialisms and sizes. We often get asked what exactly can water jet cutting be used for? In our latest blog, we outline some of the many uses for water jet cutting. Electronics Electronic products are made to exact […]

How does welding work?

welding and metal fabrication

Have you ever wondered how the process of welding works or even the fact that there are different types of welding techniques? Read our latest blog to find out more… Arc welding use­s an electrical current or ‘arc’ to heat and melt the materials together. Arc welding involves attaching a grounding wire to the welding […]

How does laser cutting work?

laser cutting

Laser cutting is regarded as one of the fastest and most accurate methods of cutting exceptionally hard materials such as steel and aluminum. With a tiny kerf width and heat affect zone laser cutting enables us to cut very intricate shapes and tiny holes. So, how does light have the power to cut through thick […]

Our Waterjet Services help achieve a Guinness World Record!

Waterjet Cutting Guinness World Record

Emsea recently played a part in achieving a Guinness World Record helping British Inventor Edd China reach incredible speeds of 73.921 MPH in an electric ICE CREAM VAN!!! In order to succeed, the ice cream van had to comply with the following:- The van must be only powered by electric drive. The van must be fitted with musical […]

How much do you know about our hometown of Tewkesbury?

Tewkesbury Abbey

Emsea is a leading laser cutting and water jet cutting service company based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire – but how much do you know about the market town where we’re based? Tewkesbury is a beautiful spot in the county of Gloucestershire, exceptionally well connected to the rest of the UK given its proximity to the M5 […]

Stainless Steel Welding

welding fabrication

Stainless steel is an exceptionally strong material that is resistant to many types of liquid, gaseous and chemical corrosion. It takes a lot to tarnish this substance and it performs well in a variety of different material applications. In fact, because many stainless-steel grades can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, it’s a popular material […]

Laser Cutting Assistance for Architects

Used by almost all architects, powerful rendering programs can turn virtual models into realistically rendered images, bringing their design and vision to life. However, it is often helpful to have a physical model to show prospective clients or colleagues or for presentations to the public. Using software such as AutoCAD, these models can now be […]

Specialist Sheet Metal Engineering

Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Emsea, we specialise in every aspect of sheet metal engineering, serving the entire UK. We offer a turnkey service to our customers, from concept and design all the way through to product delivery. At each stage of the fabrication process, we strive to achieve the finest quality parts in the most efficient way possible. […]

Calling all Architects & Interior Designers!

laser cutting art project

It’s not just industrial projects that we specialise in, our laser cutting service can provide eye-catching, decorative panels for both internal and external usage. We can create beautiful results with precision accuracy and high quality finish. As with any project, it’s best to involve us at the early design stage so that the choice of […]