Emsea Come To Local Boy’s Rescue

Parents of local nine year old boy, Josh Horsley, who was born with Spina Bifida and Hip Dyspraxia, felt overwhelmed when local business Emsea Ltd came to their rescue.

Due to soon have an operation, Josh and his parents were advised by his Occupational therapist that a specially designed trike by Tomcat would dramatically aid his rehabilitation and strengthen his muscle tone.

However, the trike costing £2400 was out of reach for the family and it seemed Josh’s dream of having his own wheels was unlikely to come to fruition.

“It had been a stressful week for everyone,” said Hayley Horsley, Josh’s mother.

“We had just been told that Josh had to have an operation. When Tomcat’s office manager, Jon Poole, called and told us about the very kind offer from Emsea Ltd and Tewkesbury Rotary Club I just burst into tears. It really was the most wonderful news we could have wished for.”

The trike, funded by Emsea ltd and Tewkesbury Rotary Club, will play an integral part in Josh’s recuperation and ongoing therapy.

Chris Sweet, director at Emsea commented:  “Emsea has a strong and clear position regarding social ethics and as a successful local business we believe it is our duty to support the local community in a variety of ways.

“We have worked closely with Tomcat for many years, helping to design and manufacture parts and so we were thrilled to be offered the chance to make a very real difference to Josh’s day to day life. We wish him every happiness with his new trike.”

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