Emsea Creates New Production Supervisor Position

Emsea Ltd. are delighted to welcome Dean Cox to the newly-created position of production supervisor.

“As orders have continued to increase and we have just purchased a fourth premises, we recognised a need for additional managerial support on the shop floor,” stated James Harris, production manager at Emsea Ltd.The new role will focus heavily on efficiency, health and safety and quality control.  Dean joins Emsea Ltd. with over 16 years’ experience within the sector and holds an exceptional track record for supervising production.

“It is my intention to introduce new systems and look at how processes can be improved in line with the increased capabilities, whilst maintaining and exceeding current standards,” remarked Dean. At a time of growth, the new role will enable the production manager, James Harris, to focus on planning and scheduling workloads, thus ensuring orders will be received on time. “Customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of Emsea,” observed Mark Causer, director at Emsea Ltd.“We are always looking at ways to improve the customer experience, and we are confident that investment in this role will achieve this aim”.

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