Emsea takes lead role in Superdry’s POS

Emsea Ltd. have played an important role in the launch of Superdry’s new premium men’s collection in collaboration with actor Idris Elba.

The Tewkesbury based engineering company was selected to co-design and manufacture the 36 Point of Sale units for the British fashion brand’s main stores alongside 162 easels for additional retail premises.

Emsea faced numerous engineering challenges when working with the concept. “The easel presented us with further complications relating to the stability of the design.” Commented Mark Goodall, senior design engineer at Emsea Ltd.

He said: “We had to engineer additional safety features in-house to prevent the stand being knocked over in-store, without impacting on the style and distinctive Superdry branding.”

Made from a mixture of mild steel and ERW tube, Emsea used the latest laser cutting techniques and specialist welders to complete the project.

Jime Meigh, head of creative at Superdry commended Emsea on the job, praising the company  for its “amazing concept and turnaround”.

The Idris Elba + Superdry Menswear Collection for Autumn Winter 2015 is now available in Superdry stores nationwide.

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