Emsea Welcomes Margaret and New Processes

Emsea Ltd. is thrilled to welcome Margaret Williams to the newly created position of Sales Liaison Officer.

“As orders have continued to increase and we have just purchased a fourth premises, we recognised a need for additional sales support within the office,” commented Mark Causer, director at Emsea Ltd.

He continued: “Margaret comes to us with a wealth of experience in implementing and reviewing processes and has already greatly enriched our customer journey by further improving communication to our customers.”

Customers can now expect personal responses to each individual enquiry and will have a dedicated point of contact to discuss quote and order details with.

Margaret says:  “I am committed to enhancing customer liaison between all members of the team, production and delivery. Customers can now contact me directly and I will endeavour to answer their queries regarding timescales, orders and deliveries quickly and efficiently.

“Proficient in developing new processes and tweaking existing routines to meet day to day requirements, I aim to bring the personal touch to the Emsea.”

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