Fire and Feast 2019

Annual Event hits the Target!

Every year, Emsea get together with clients and customers at Ian Coley Shooting near Cheltenham for a few hours of fun putting our accuracy skills to the test. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with our clients whilst also providing them with a platform to meet and network with each other. Whilst it’s a social event, year on year, the competitive nature continues to build with the excitement to win an Emsea Trophy growing each year!

Held on a cold, windy Saturday at the beginning of January we all met and were soon divided into our teams with Mark and Chris taking on the role as team captains. It’s fair to say that the rivalry between the two Emsea owners was apparent from the very start! The first hour was spent getting our eye in – 5 practice shots on each of the 5 stations. Afterwards, we reconvened and warmed up over a coffee, then continued back out for the competition itself – however, the rain had started to settle in and wind pick up creating challenging conditions. For many of us, the warm-up provided little to no benefit, scoring lower in the actual competition than we did previously!

After the shooting, we retired to the entertainment tent for the feast and award presentation. This year, it was the turn of Mark to win the prizes for both the most clays hit and also for captaining the winning team who all received bespoke trophies. It’s fair to say that fortunately, Emsea’s cutting machinery is far more accurate than their shooting ability!

To find out more about Emsea’s capabilities and services, and to possibly find your name down for next year’s Fire and Feast guest list, why not get in touch with the team today.

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