Fire & Feast October Event

If only we were as accurate as our metal cutting machines!

Following our ‘Fire and Feast’ event last month, it quickly became clear, our machines are far more accurate than us! For us, hitting a 110mm target was near impossible, however, even up to a thickness of 200mm our machines can cut almost any material to within ±0.1mm.

A huge thank you to all who attended at Ian Coley Shooting School – we were blessed with a perfect Autumnal day and well looked after by the instructors and hospitality team. Despite a wide range of performances, a great day was had by all and after the scores were finally counted, Chris’s team were victorious (for another year!) whilst Mark’s team were bringing up the rear with the ‘Clay Preservation’ finishing position. Thankfully, the reasons below are why we’re known for precision cutting rather than precision shooting!

Waterjet Cutting with unrivalled Accuracy

At Emsea we pride ourselves on using the most up-to-date equipment and technology, helping us provide the best quality service for our customers. For our water-jet service we have recently invested in Flows flagship Mach 4 series Waterjet, the most technically advanced machine in the industry. Able to produce highly accurate components at a significantly higher cutting speed than a conventional Waterjet, the twin dynamic cutting heads and a bed size of 4m x 2m gives us the capability to quote on jobs large and small.

Quickfire Turnaround Time

Without compromising quality, our speed and precision are what sets us apart. For urgent requirements, we offer a guaranteed 24-hour laser cutting service. Our laser cutting technology can be left unmanned throughout the night, which allows for 24-hour operation for time effective projects.

Only Setting our Sights on the Highest Quality

We ensure that every product we make is up to the highest standards before it leaves our factory. Our skilled engineers have a vast amount of experience in the industry, giving you complete confidence.


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