How can water cut through metal?

Our waterjet machines use a very high-pressure stream of water sprayed through an extremely narrow jeweled nozzle. When a liquid is flowing fast enough, it can cut through most solid materials – including metal. We use much lower pressure water systems every day – even a home jet-wash system ‘cuts’ the dirt off the body of your car and removes stains on the patio using a similar method of directing a focused stream of water.

Unlike metal disc cutters, water jet cutting is very clean and consistent. It has no blade to dull or to overheat. Given the stream of water is very narrow, the cut is extremely accurate and precise, ensuring that the design capabilities can be intricate. In addition, the process is odourless and dust-free.

The level of accuracy combined with the ability to control the jet using CAD technology ensures that wastage is almost eliminated and timescales are dramatically reduced. Also, often the first cut edge requires no second cut, reducing both time and material.

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