Laser Cutting Assistance for Architects

Used by almost all architects, powerful rendering programs can turn virtual models into realistically rendered images, bringing their design and vision to life. However, it is often helpful to have a physical model to show prospective clients or colleagues or for presentations to the public. Using software such as AutoCAD, these models can now be brought into the physical world at any desired scale.

In most cases, these models can be intricate and fragile – for a more stable structure, more robust materials are required. These can often be exceptionally time consuming to create and difficult to maintain accuracy to scale – especially when creating by hand. This is where Emsea can help architects throughout the UK.

Using our state of the art laser cutting machinery, each component of the model can be cut out and either fabricated in house, or delivered flat like a “puzzle piece.” Our Trumpf laser cutter is exceptionally fast, and will take just minutes to create parts that would otherwise take days by hand. In addition, the finish is exceptional and incredibly accurate, all criteria that are imperative for these kinds of projects.

If you have a project on the horizon, why not get in touch with the Emsea team today to discuss further or to obtain an indicative cost

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