No Trophy for Emsea at Frampton Sheep Races

The weekend’s Sheep Races were a riotous success.

Sponsoring ‘Wool-verine’ staff from Emsea turned out to support Guy’s Trust Fund, created by  Stuart & Deb Watts In memory of their son Guy who tragically passed away earlier this year.

‘Wool-verine’ competed against other ewes in a valiant attempt to be crowned winner of Frampton Races.

Sheer Determination

“It was chaos!” commented Chris Sweet, “Quite possibly the best races I have ever seen. Wool-verine approached the hurdles with sheer determination but sadly she was pipped to the post!”

In the midst of mayhem was a more serious message.

“We chose to get involved in these races to support Guy’s Trust Fund, how could we say no to supporting children with life limiting illnesses and their families?”

Additional Fundraising Goal Set

The cause struck a chord with Emsea staff who have set an additional fundraising target on Just Giving.

Chris continued: “And now we are asking for your help also. Staff wanted to help further and so we need your pledges to help us achieve the £500 goal.”

Whilst providing practical and emotional support to children and their families, the fund will also be donating a portion of the raised money towards furnishing a new family accommodation unit at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Help Relieve Families Stresses

“Often children will have to attend hospitals far away from home for treatment and not all families can afford expensive hotel stays,” says Rachel Watts, Retro Track & Air (UK) Ltd.

“The money we raise will help alleviate some of the stress faced by families who are separated at such a difficult time.”

“We are working closely with The Wave Project. Guy had IV (intravenous) lines which would normally mean he could not participate in a trip to the beach, despite its therapeutic effects. However, with the help of a specially commissioned dry suit he was able to enjoy this childhood pleasure.  We want to make these suits available to other children.”

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