Our Trumpf TruLaser 3030

Read about our incredible TruLaser 3030 laser cutter with BrightLine fibre technology in our latest blog

Did you know, BrightLine fibre technology provides the ability to cut both thick and thin materials on a solid-state laser machine to exceptional standards, giving us far greater flexibility. The TruLaser 3030 arrived with us earlier this year and features both high-speed cutting and processing flexibility. The laser is as comfortable cutting thin sheets as it is cutting steel up to 3/4″ thick! We are able to cut stainless steel, aluminium and copper with high speed and quality.

What is BrightLine Fibre?
With typical fibre delivered lasers, the beam size is half that of a C02. While this is great for cutting thin material, it struggles with thicker sheets. With BrightLine fibre, which is only available on a Trumpf laser, we have the ability to switch the beam size from a small beam to a larger beam. In addition, the resulting edge quality is far superior.

So what are the Benefits?

Much improved edge – we can cut mild steel, stainless, and aluminium up to one inch thick with a higher quality finish
Higher processing speeds – we can achieve much higher processing speeds than ever before, keeping timescales at a minimum
Small hole processing – we can easily cut small holes that would previously have to be drilled
Higher piercing quality – since much less material is removed, there is much less splatter

To find out more about our laser cutting service, why not give the team a call today? Or, if you have a project on the horizon, get in touch for a quotation.

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