Specialist Sheet Metal Engineering

At Emsea, we specialise in every aspect of sheet metal engineering, serving the entire UK. We offer a turnkey service to our customers, from concept and design all the way through to product delivery.

At each stage of the fabrication process, we strive to achieve the finest quality parts in the most efficient way possible. Emsea customers benefit from years of engineering experience and the highest levels customer service at every stage of their project, the latest in automation technology and state of the art machinery.

Emsea’s experience

For years, Emsea has been providing sheet metal fabrication services from our head office in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire for a wide range of industry sectors. We have worked in the sheet metal fabrication processes within the agricultural, automotive, security, electrical, horticultural and construction industries among many others.

We also work with companies of all sizes, but what makes us one of Gloucestershire’s go-to metal fabrication companies is our dedication to the continual growth of our workforce and our attention to detail.

Our experienced workforce

Our workforce comprises of exceptionally skilled, dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced individuals in all areas of metal fabrication. From expert and forward-thinking design concepts through to welding and fabrication, Emsea’s engineers work together to fabricate the finest quality products in metal fabrication (such as stainless steel, aluminium etc) and precision engineering.

Investing in our workforce

Emsea’s team of metal fabrication specialists don’t stop at being the best at what they do, they dedicate themselves to sharing their knowledge with the younger, new generation of sheet metal fabricators. Emsea take huge pride in helping to shape and develop younger members of the workforce who show a keen interest in learning and developing their skills into experienced and passionate engineers within the sheet metal industry.

If you have a metal fabrication project on the horizon, why not get in touch with the Emsea team today who will be more than happy to discuss with you.

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