Sneak Preview: Emsea sponsor Robot War’s New Bot!

Emsea, industry leaders in subcontracting solutions, is proud to be playing a cutting-edge part in the return of the popular BBC series Robot Wars.

Back on BBC Two with a second series, Robot Wars promises to capture the highs and lows of the intense fights between state-of-the-art robots. Having produced parts for Team Shock’s robot, Shockwave for the first series, Emsea were eager to support the finalists further.

Sponsoring the all new  ‘Aftershock’,  Emsea  are expecting great things from the team after it’s predecessor, Shockwave, won Heat B of Robot Wars 2016 and made its way to the Grand Final before being “mashed” by the awesome spinner of Carbide!

The top secret design contains parts in a mixture of (top secret!) materials supplied and cut on Emsea’s Laser and Waterjet machines.

“Whilst we can’t give anything away about the project we can assure you that Aftershock is going to be a serious contender for the Robot Wars title,” commented Will Thomas, Team Shock Captain.He continued: “We want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Emsea for the awesome job you’ve done on the parts, they have fitted together perfectly first time and Aftershock is looking amazing!”

Emsea cut precision parts on its state of the art Waterjet Cutter, the Flows Flagship Mach 4, the most technically advanced machine in the industry.  The cold cutting process produces highly accurate parts without any heat damage and  can cut through materials up to 200mm thick with a geometric accuracy of ±0.1mm.

Chris Sweet, director at Emsea observed: “Whilst  some of the parts could have been cut on our laser machines we felt that due to the nature of the material and the purpose of the venture the waterjet would provide the very best quality cut and finish.

“We are excited to be a part of Team Shock and wish them luck in their endeavour to become the ultimate fighting bot!”

Robot Wars will return to our screens on BBC2 in 2017, dates to be announced in due course.

Fun Facts about predecessor, Shockwave

Shockwave is a lifter bot with fully interchangeable weapons, which can be substituted depending on who it will face in the arena. Shockwave’s drive motors are the same as those used on fairground carousel rides, and its wheels are taken from a go-cart.

Fact titleFact data
WeaponRotating Lifting Arm with Multiple Weapon Choices (Wedges/Spikes/Snow Plough)
Weight110 kg
Defence4mm of armour plating steel, with 15mm of high density polyethylene plastic
Top Speed20mph
Drive System2 x 4kW fairground ride motors driving 4 go-kart wheels
Biggest WeaknessThe low and flat top panel is unprotected and therefore vulnerable to an axe or crusher attack

Team stats:

Name: Will Thomas (Son, 24)
Role: Captain and Designer
Occupation: Studying for a PhD in Cybernetics

Name: Ian Thomas (Dad, 52)
Role: Mechanics and main builder
Occupation: Works in marketing

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