What Makes Emsea Different?

Whilst Emsea are not alone offering laser cutting and water jet cutting services, we are renowned for providing a high-quality, precision service.

In addition to the two specialist applications, we also provide a full turnkey offering.

At Emsea, we understand that many projects require more than one service. This would ordinarily leave you with no option other than to deal with multiple service providers – which can lead to additional complexities, being overly reliant on each provider’s lead time, increased timescales and often, resulting in inflated costs.

This is why we are different. We offer a full turnkey service which incorporates both laser cutting and waterjet cutting, forming, design and fabrication. In addition, we provide full project management – you will be allocated your individual Emsea Project Manager – and serve as a single point of contact. Our aim is to make you more efficient by working alongside you throughout every stage of the project. Our experience and specialism allow us to provide advice and suggest ideas rather than simply taking a brief.

Take a look at our Turnkey Servicespage which provides an overview of how we can work alongside you on future projects, or feel free to give our team a call for more information.

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