Water Jet Cutting Applications

Water jet cutting is the choice of cutting method by a wide range of businesses of all specialisms and sizes. We often get asked what exactly can water jet cutting be used for? In our latest blog, we outline some of the many uses for water jet cutting.


Electronic products are made to exact measurements and specifications, and generally with a large output. Water jet cutting enables circuit boards to be made quickly and accurately, so perfect for a wide range of electronic component applications.

Automotive and Aviation

Both the automotive and aviation industries require parts to be cut with complete accuracy and no risk of damage to the cut edge. They also require a cutting technology that can cut through a significant depth at speed. Water jets cut the chassis and frame, they cut the axles and brake discs, they cut steering wheels, wing mirrors, exhaust pipes and other body parts.


It is not just current products that benefit from water jet cutting – the technology is also crucial to planning and prototyping, helping to develop new technologies and techniques. Similarly to electronics, water jet cutting is also of use in almost every aspect – the instruments used often cut by water jet, if not designed by them too.

Interior Design

Water jet cutting can create stunning pieces for architecture and interiors. Take a look at some of the projects Emsea have worked on both for water jet and laser cutting processes. In most cases, water jet cutting’s efficiency make it possible to create structures at a cost no other technology could hope to match.

In essence, this process is used across almost every industry due to reliability, accuracy, efficiency and cost. If you have a project on the horizon, why not get in touch with one of the team who would be happy to discuss further.

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