Our Waterjet Services help achieve a Guinness World Record!

Emsea recently played a part in achieving a Guinness World Record helping British Inventor Edd China reach incredible speeds of 73.921 MPH in an electric ICE CREAM VAN!!!

In order to succeed, the ice cream van had to comply with the following:-

  1. The van must be only powered by electric drive.
  2. The van must be fitted with musical chimes.
  3. The van must have prices displayed on the serving hatch window.
  4. The van must be able to produce and serve immediately before and after the speed attempt.
  5. The van must be able to reach a minimum speed of 70mph.

This was a massive challenge bearing in mind that an ice cream van is only legally allowed to travel at a maximum of 60mph on British roads and that the traditional ice cream van shape is far from streamlined!

With the project aim to retain the original gearbox and integrate with a second hand 80kW electric motor Edd required precision-made adapters cut from just aluminium plate using a CNC Waterjet. Where better to come than Emsea! Our water jet cutting service offers an exceptionally high level of accuracy compared to conventional water jet cutting equipment – it is also significantly faster allowing us to offer a quicker turnaround. We can also cut virtually any material up to a thickness of 2000mm – all of these factors were exactly what Edd needed to ensure a reliable, quality part.

You can find out more about the incredible feat on Edd’s website or if you have a specialist project you would like to discuss, get in touch with one of the Emsea team today for advice and a quotation.

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