Leading Edge

Leading Edge have been a client of ours for over 6 years and approached us to fabricate an off-grid power system called the PowerBox. The PowerBox is a self-contained unit that provides power for equipment in remote locations where there is no grid connection using renewable resources.

Client: Leading Edge
Sector: Renewable Energy
Project: PowerBox Off-grid Power System
Material: Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel
Machinery: Laser, fold, weld

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Case Study Questions…

Q 1. What is the purpose of the product (brief outline of its purpose, capabilities and design)?

The PowerBox is a self-contained unit that provides power for equipment in remote locations where there is no grid connection using renewable resources. Power generated by the on-board solar panels and our own British made wind turbines is stored in deep-cycle batteries for use by DC or AC equipment. Everything needed to provide a remote power source is neatly fitted into a single, pallet-sized box. Each PowerBox is pre-configured and pre-wired specifically to meet our customers’ requirements, and takes less than an hour to install. Both the PowerBox and our wind turbines are fabricated by Emsea.

Q 2. Where did the concept of the design come from?

We have 10 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector and in particular in providing off-grid power and we spotted the need for a pre-configured solution because customers for this product often don’t have the necessary expertise to complete complex off-grid installations. Also as the installations are often remote, completed in all weather conditions, having a solution that’s can be deployed in less than an hour is a huge benefit.

Q 3. What was it like to work with Emsea on the project?

As the PowerBox is a unique product, there were a number of design iterations and we found Emsea responded quickly to any design modifications we requested.

Q 4. Why did you choose Emsea?

We have worked with Emsea for over 6 years as they fabricate our wind turbines, both the horizontal and vertical axis models. We decided to use them to fabricate the new PowerBox because we had found their work to be professional, trustworthy and reliable. Emsea’s ability to meet delivery schedules helps to plan Production accordingly. Unlike other suppliers, Emsea don’t let us down with late deliveries.

Q 5. Were there any designs problems that we helped overcome?

Emsea provided advice on ways to save cost by making assemblies as simple as possible. So while this wasn’t a design problem as such, their fabrication expertise was invaluable.

Q 6. Was there anything that surprised you that Emsea were able to provide/accommodate?

Emsea helped us reduce our costs by supplying part assemblies.


Creating high volume parts in the most efficient way possible


Produces highly accurate components at higher cutting speed than a conventional water jet


Manufacturing complex components for a variety of applications


The production of parts and assemblies that offer the most cost-effective solution


Conception and design, right through to completion

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