Uncle Peter’s Garden Trowel

Iconic garden tool design

After a recommendation from an existing Emsea Ltd. customer, Targett Aviation enlisted the help of Emsea to produce the unique trowel spade design for ‘Uncle Peter’s Garden Trowel’.

Client: Targett Aviation
Sector: Design & Manufacturing
Project: OpusSystem central console
Material: Stainless Steel 1mm bright polished stainless steel
Machinery: Bystronic 6KW ByAutonom Laser

Peters garden trowel

Originally created by ‘Uncle Peter’ over thirty years ago, the light-weight yet tough garden trowel is still manufactured locally in Gloucestershire. “The design has been described as iconic and we refer to it as a ‘generation trowel’, in that we expect customers to hand it on the next generation. We confidently guarantee the trowel for life; we have some in use that are over twenty years old, and therefore require exceptional quality. Emsea has always exceeded this requirement,” Revealed Roger Targett managing director at Targett Aviation.

He continued: “Finding a company like Emsea, who can supply us with the blank blades has made a huge difference to the manufacturing process. It is now more efficient and cost-effective and has allowed us to increase the number of trowels in the marketplace.”

The inspired design is still true to Uncle Peter’s original concept. The copper handle is swaged onto a stainless steel blade, thus there is no need for riveting or welding and as a result the trowel is incredibly durable.

“Finding a company like Emsea has been key to our continued success. The straightforward approach ensures we have excellent communication and the goods are always delivered on time,” Stated Roger.

uncle Peters garden trowel
Peters trowel

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