Alpha, Lift Lobby and Signage

Client: DP Designs
Sector: Commercial Interiors
Project: Alpha, lift lobby and signage
Material: Aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel, perspex 
Machinery: Laser, waterjet, fold, weld
Finishing: Powder coating, PVD coating, chemical blacking.

alpha case study

 We were initially asked to quote to manufacture ceiling panels based on a design and layout from the client. Once we had made a site visit to assess the project it was clear that the layout of the lift lobby was more complex than we had expected. The lobby was formed in a kidney shape with varying curves throughout. As the panels were to be produced completely offsite, we needed to find an accurate method to digitise the ceiling plan. 

After some research we opted to use a 3D laser scanner to scan the lobby. From this we extracted a 2D layer at ceiling height to give us a 100% accurate layout from which the individual ceiling panels could be produced. 

The designers at DP Designs supplied the geometric design for the ceiling. We then applied this to the panels, working around the panel joins and overall ceiling layout. 

As part of the package we supplied a custom designed suspension system and opaque Perspex panels which sat behind each panel to diffuse light from the lighting system installed above. 

During the project we were also asked to produce internal and external signage. These were laser cut in stainless steel, then either PVD coated (rose gold) or chemically blackened. 


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