Shot Blasting

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Metallic objects often need to be cleaned prior to many different types of manufacturing processes being carried out or to create a desired finish or aesthetic. Whist cleaning methods can range from simply wiping a metal down with a rag through to totally immersing metal in a bath of complex chemical solutions, one of the most effective and popular ways to clean dirty or oxidized material is by means of a process called shot blasting.

Shot Blasting

Why use EMSEA for your Shot Blasting  Requirements?

Shot blasting works by propelling spherical materials known as shot media against a surface which in turn removes the contaminants present on the surface. The type of shot media used is a very important decision for the shot blasting process. The size and hardness of the shot material will dictate how much surface removal of the material being cleaned will occur. At EMSEA, we predominantly use small glass beads to achieve the high-quality finish we require.

To propel the glass shot blasting material, it is loaded into a centrifugal wheel and accelerated by the wheel to the desired velocity before being expelled from the wheel and into the shot blasting gun. Then the EMSEA operator directs the flow of the shot media through the blasting gun to clean the material surface.

EMSEA have a specialist dedicated and enclosed area alongside our existing metal fabrication section which includes a recovery system and pure air directly pumped into a sealed suit and helmet. The shot blast recovery system will collect the shot that has already been expelled against the material being cleaned and return it to the propelling device to be reused, enabling us to do longer unbroken shifts before reloading the system.

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Shot Blasting in Gloucestershire
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