6 things before starting your project with Emsea

A handy checklist of things to consider before starting a project.

What is it you want to achieve?

Firstly, before you’ve started your project, have you thought about exactly what it is you want it to achieve. If it’s a high volume order, have you thought how the product might age and the longevity of the design. Or even if it’s a one-off, have you thought about the materials and finishes you need to perfect the idea.

At Emsea, we talk you through all all of these considerations so you know exactly how we will produce a finished article that you can be proud of!

What techniques do you need?

Similar to the previous, picking a chosen method of manufacture is key when starting your project as each approach has its own benefits and downsides. For example, laser cutting is great for high volume orders as we can run our machinery 24/7. However water-jet cutting is great for accuracy as the cold water cuttingdoes not affect the material with heat damage.

How can you guarantee the quality and functionality of your project?

We have a team of dedicated Account Managers to ensure we understand all of your requirements – technical and commercial, so we are able to successfully co-ordinate all processes to the highest quality.

We provide samples for verification and approval at every stage, ensuring that any drawing or specification shortfalls are eliminated before volume production begins.

Qualified teams

We take pride in the fact that all of our skilled fabricators and engineers are fully qualified with up to date certification. Through continuous investment in our team through apprenticeships and industry specific training, we have turned Emsea into an industry leading fabricator, offering the very best services and products.

Our sales team are all experienced in engineering and are on-hand to talk through any enquiries you might have.

What if your project is urgent?

We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our work. Often projects can be time sensitive and in need of a quick turnaround time. In this case we can use our unmanned laser cutting service which can run 24/7.

Thanks to our innovative computer aided processeswe can create exactly what you need quicker than ever!

After-sales and support

Even after your project is complete you want to have the peace-of-mind that if any issues arise, you’re in safe hands. Our unrivalled customer service enables us to give every customer the best experience possible. It’s no wonder most of our clients come back to us for repeat work!

Got a project in mind? Simply get in touch, we can’t wait to help!

Call:01684 299 156 E-mail:info@emsea.com

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