The Benefits of Welding

Emsea specialise in sheet metal fabrication services including welding. In our latest blog, we look at and list out some of the benefits of welding metal when compared to alternative processes.

Aesthetically, welded joints tend to look better than the more bulky riveted or butted joints.

As it is a faster process, the speed of fabrication is generally faster than that of riveted joints.

As there is no hole required for welding (unlike riveting), there is no reduction of surface area and therefore strength. Therefore, structurally welding is more effective in taking a load and therefore stronger.

Welded joints are far more cost effective as less time, less labour and less material is required.

The efficiency of welded joint is more than that of the riveted joint.

Complete rigid joints can be provided with welding process.

The alternation and addition to the existing structure is easy.

Far less noise is produced during the welding process when compared to riveting.

In general, the welding process requires less work space in comparison to riveting.

If you have any welding or sheet metal fabrication projects on the horizon, then feel free to give us a call today to discuss how we might help.

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