Welding Safety Tips

All arc welding processes require a live electrical circuit which means all arc welders using hand-held equipment are potentially at risk of electric shock and electrical burns. The risk for MIG/ MAG and TIG welding is much less, as the welding current is normally switched on and off using the trigger or foot switch.

For all arc welding, please make sure that you pay attention to the following:

  • welding equipment conforms to the appropriate international (ISO) or British (BS) standards
  • installation of any fixed welding equipment is carried out by a suitably qualified person and is connected as recommended by the manufacturer
  • the insulation on the welding and current return leads is undamaged and the conductor is thick enough to carry the current safely
  • all connectors are clean, undamaged and rated for the current required
  • insulation on the welding cables, plugs, clamps or torch/electrode holder on welding equipment is undamaged
  • welders use the appropriate personal protective equipment for the task

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