Sheet Metal Waterjet Cutting

Produces highly accurate components at higher cutting speed than a conventional Waterjet

When heat damage or material thicknesses are a key consideration, our Waterjet offers a cold cutting process for virtually any material up to a thickness of 200mm. Established in 2011, the Warterjet division complements our laser cutting and metal fabrication services.

water jet cutting

Waterjet Cutting

water jet cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Always investing.

Always striving to provide premier quality parts, we invested in Flows flagship Mach 4 series Waterjet, the most technically advanced machine in the industry. Able to produce highly accurate components at a significantly higher cutting speed than a conventional Waterjet, the twin dynamic cutting heads and a bed size of 4m x 2m gives us the capability to quote on jobs large and small. To see more details on our material and metal cutting machinery and equipment, visit our factory capacity list.

High Accuracy.

On all but the thickest materials we can achieve geometric accuracy of ±0.1mm.

No Taper.

Dynamic Waterjet® with Active Tolerance Control produces more accurate parts at significantly higher cutting speeds than parts cut with a conventional Waterjet. Typically less than 1 degree of taper.

No Heat.

Heat can have a negative effect, changing the structure and properties of metal alloys, in these instances our cold cutting Waterjet is the method of choice.

No Limits.

We can cut virtually any material up to a maximum thickness of 200mm.

water jet cutting

Creating high volume parts in the most efficient way possible


Produces highly accurate components at higher cutting speed than a conventional water jet


Manufacturing complex components for a variety of applications


The production of parts and assemblies that offer the most cost-effective solution


Conception and design, right through to completion

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